Sunday School Curriculum

Christian Learning Goals for a Sunday School Curriculum

If your church has decided to incorporate a small group Christian curriculum, they have to make relevant learning goals. Most Sunday school teachers make a mistake of creating similar learning goals for all age levels. Children of different ages are at varying social and academic levels. What may make sense to a grade six kid will seem weird to a grade one kid. Moreover, what will be effective when teaching a grade one kid will not be productive when introduced to a grade four kid? At kidTough, our children's mentor team has come up with the following examples to guide Sunday school teachers to develop their Sunday school curriculum.

Children Between Grade 1 and 3
The following are examples of learning goals for children in grades 1, 2, and 3.

  1. To be able to relate God to the holy spirit, Jesus and the creator

  2. To understand that God loves the world and human beings should take care of it

  3. To be conversant with important bible stories relating to Pentecost events easter and Christmas

  4. To know that sinners can be forgiven

Grade 4 and 5
The following are learning goals examples you can use for kids in grade four and five


  1. To start comprehending the role of the church as a family

  2. To be able to read, understand and discuss short bible stories

  3. To begin exploring Jesus's parables.

  4. To understand the effect of promises we make to God


Grade 6
The following some ideas you can use as learning goals small group Christian curriculum for children in grade six


  1. To be able to narrate long biblical stories such as the life of Jesus

  2. To start understanding the meaning of the bible to a Christians life

  3. To start being involved in church activities

  4. To identify their talent

You can reach out to kidToughfor more details regarding Sunday school curriculum learning goals. We have learning materials suitable for children between grades one and six, and it’s the perfect way to create a kids church that appeals to young, learning Christians.


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