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kidTOUGH is a downloadable, free kids curriculum designed for 1st through 6th-graders, teaching and encouraging kids to Trust in the Lord, Obey His commands, Unite in a close friendship with God and other believers, Grow in the Word, and Honor both God and others.

No charge. No annual fee.

...because the Gospel should be free.

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“In the last 18 months, we have seen our children’s ministry grow by 25% since we started using kidTOUGH. Our team loves every aspect of the easy-to-use curriculum, from the content itself, various ideas on how to teach the lesson, service flow ideas and more, plus there is a wonderful training manual that can be shared with your team that is very user friendly.  The kidTOUGH curriculum is out-of-the-box ready, and we receive excellent support from the BTRG team.  Our team HIGHLY recommends kidTOUGH!”    ~ Tammy, Maple Valley, WA


“kidTOUGH has been very successful.  In seven weeks, we have increased attendance by 64%.  Amazing!  God is really blessing us.  I just thought you might be happy to know that.”  ~ Teresa, Portland, OR

“This Sunday, we’re finishing month four of our first five months of kidTOUGH, and we’ve been absolutely loving it!  It's been a huge blessing for our leaders and the kids have really taken to it.”     ~ Ruth, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“First, THANK YOU!  We are really LOVING our kidTOUGH curriculum.  We LOVE the format and the repetition and building of the curriculum!  The kids really seemed to respond too.”    ~ Annie, Edmonds, WA 

I have enjoyed kidTOUGH and I have believed it to be solid and good. It has also saved me from re-writing. Yours is the only curriculum I have not had to rewrite.”    ~ Tammie, Lincolnton, NC

“All of the teachers who have been through a Sunday with this program love it and do to the extra free time they have because they don’t have to prep a lesson they have offered to do other things.”     ~ Doug, Olympia, WA

“I work full time as a Realtor, and part time as the children’s Pastor.  I cannot recommend this program highly enough.  Jerry and his team have everything you need in each lesson.  From the beginning game, power points, video clip ideas, take home sheets, and time killers everything you need and more is included in this program. The most important thing is the children love it!!!! The teaching is relevant and Bible based.  The take home cards are a favorite, and a way to encourage them to act on the truths they are learning."    ~ Laura, Tumwater, WA

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