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Children Church Lesson

Easter Ideas for Children Church Lesson

When teaching children, teachers, and mentors should be creative to enhance their understanding. Moreover, if you are artistic when teaching them, they will always be yearning for more. On the flip side, if you use printed material only for kids church lessons, they will be bored. Once they are bored, they may not understand anything. The following are some ideas from the KidTough team that can enable Sunday school teachers’ help children experience Easter.

  • Visual Tell the Story of Jesus


Stories are always good for kids' church lessons. Let the children read the resurrection story using our supported pictures and animations videos. We have numerous suitable Easter teaching aids videos: the resurrection, accession, and crucifixion. Alternatively, you can download a PowerPoint Easter lesson from our website.

  • Draw


Kids love pictures and drawings. Drawing is an excellent activity for children at church lessons. You can have the kids draw different parts of the Easter story, such as the crucifixion. Additionally, you guide the kids in drawing different stages of Easter. For instance, Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

  • Performance


Train the kids on how to act the Easter story. You can include a little drama and music to make it more interesting. Start training them early so that they can be ready for the performance. Invite their parents to watch them as they act. The acting can be after a Sunday service or during one of the Easter nights. Do not forget to use relevant costumes to make it more thrilling.

  • Decorate


Typically, people decorate during Christmas. This time around, think outside the box and decorate the church compound during Easter. Gather the kids and help them creatively write letters with an Easter message such as,” He is alive!” Once the decorations are done, hang them on an open area. Do it on Easter Sunday for everyone to see.

  • Watch a Video


Download a relevant Easter video from our website and let the children watch on Good Friday night.


You can contact kidTough for more resources to use during Easter or any other children church lesson.

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