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Free Bible Lesson

Why You Should Download Free Bible Lessons for Your Kids

Parents, Sunday school teachers and church owners need to purchase relevant spiritual materials for their children. However, you can easily get bible lessons suitable for children online from our kidTough website. Everything is completely free, including our kids church curriculum. Our kids church curriculum is Christ-centered, engaging, and has real life applications in children’s daily lives. If you’re considering your options, however, take a look at some of the factors to consider when preparing your kids church curriculum.

How Do You Identify a Free Bible Lesson That Is Ideal for Your Curriculum?

  1. Denomination: Check whether the lesson teachings correspond with your denomination

  2. Age: Different online bible lessons are appropriate for different age groups. Go for what is suitable

  3. Length: Identify if the online bible lesson is too short or long for your Sunday school sessions

  4. Budget: Go for what you can afford. If you’re facing a budget crunch, do not forget to get our coupon code for free bible lessons.

Benefits of Free Bible Lessons Online

  1. Convenient: The lesson can be accessed 24/7 from a laptop or a computer device. Getting a relevant lesson is a quick solution for a busy Sunday school teacher who does not have adequate time to prepare their own Sunday school teachings.

  2. Cost-effective: An online bible lesson does not come with extra shipping, publishing or storing fees. Once you purchase the materials, you can print what you want to use.

  3. Quality: our online bible lessons are web-based. Therefore, we have enhanced them to fit into contemporary society. All of our lessons are updated because we add new materials on a monthly basis.


Here at kidTough, you can get many well-illustrated online bible lessons completely free including our kids church curriculum. Our kids church curriculum is simple to prepare and use, volunteer friendly, uniquely engaging, and available to consume for any environment, ministry construct or church size. If you’re trying to create or enhance your kids church experience, you’ll be pleased by our carefully constructed, engaging lessons available at no cost on the kidTough website.

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