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TRUST Series - "Captured" (Gospel)

TRUST Series - "Captured" (Gospel)

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In this 4-week gospel-centered TRUST series, kids will learn how to put their trust in Jesus as their Captain.  Like the game “Capture the Flag,” there are only two teams in the game of life; God’s team, and the enemy’s team.  There are so many things in this world that vie for our attention to lure us into the enemy’s camp.  He wants to distract us, excite us, and impress us to ultimately capture us.  It often appears as if the enemy is winning.  At times, we feel small, weak, outnumbered and defeated.  Fortunately, God is a God of the underdog!  The battle is not meant to be won on our own merits and talent, but by a heart that is fully captured by Jesus and perfectly aligned with His will.  Our only job is to have faith in God, and trust in Him for the victory!

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