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TRUST Series - "Job - More Than a Pawn"

TRUST Series - "Job - More Than a Pawn"

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We ask kids the question, as we all should ask ourselves: “Is our faith tied to our circumstances or to God alone?”  It’s easy for us to say we have faith when things are going well in life.  But for many of us, when life deals us a bad blow, we panic and try to lean on our own strength.  We are even tempted to blame God in these times.  In this 4-week Old Testament TRUST series about Job, kids will learn that we can still have peace and joy “despite” our circumstances, good or bad.  Job was caught in a chess match between God and Satan.  Satan saw Job as just a worthless pawn, but to God, Job was so much more.  Though Satan has his way with Job, Job remained loyal to God in the midst of great tragedy. 

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