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"Pastoring" Rather Than "Processing"

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Big Toe Resource Group (BTRG) was formed in 2005 with the idea of “helping ministries put their best foot forward.” Leading a consortium of pastors and community leaders, we stepped out by the Lord’s leading to provide a contrasting alternative to the watered-down, behavioral-modification approach to elementary grade curriculum by returning to sound, Christ-centered, Biblical teaching in a fun and innovative way. Rather than using gimmicks, kidTOUGH™ is a curriculum that aims true (Christ-centered), shoots straight (engaging), and hits the mark (life application).

As an IT consultant and project manager for eighteen years, I worked with Fortune 500 companies, problem solving complex issues and working with executives and key stake holders to implement profitable solutions. At the half-time of my life, God called me away from success and into significance as a full-time children’s pastor, teaching kids, training leaders, and providing practical solutions for other churches.

My desire is to help churches combat the temptation to simply “process” kids through Sunday, and return back to the Biblical mandate to “pastor” kids. Elementary age ministry is so much more than day-care and cute, simplified, one-line concepts. Kids need solid Biblical truths that help them to understand a loving God in a deeper and more profound way. In understanding God better, they can hold His truths up against the backdrop of a confusing and changing world and develop the courage and strength to Trust in the Lord, Obey His commands, Unite in a close friendship with God and other believers, Grow in the Word, and Honor both God and others.

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