Children's Ministry

Why Every Church Should Have a Children’s Ministry Program

Kids are lovely gifts from God, according to Psalm 127:3. It is noble to take care of these precious gifts. We can do it by teaching them biblical ways alongside good manners. Children in the current society are faced with numerous challenges. As a result, they need guidance. If the church is not careful, kids can grow in church but end up being ungodly. The most effective mechanism to ensure children lead a spiritual life is by starting a kid’s church program- a mission we here at kidTough would be pleased to help with. Let’s look at why it is necessary to have a children’s ministry program.

Jesus Valued Children

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus told his disciples to allow children to go to Him because the kingdom of heaven belonged to them. Christians are Jesus followers. Therefore, they should emulate Him by recognizing the young ones in church.

Kids Should Have a Firm Spiritual Foundation

In proverbs 22:6, we are directed to bring up children in the right ways when they are young, and when they grow, they follow them. This means that whatever a child learns when they are young impacts the kind of person they will be when they grow up. Consequently, it is essential to set up a kid’s church program to teach them godly ways.

Children Need to Know That We Value Them

When a church establishes a children’s ministry program, the young ones feel valued. They realize we appreciate them as part of the church. This will make them more involved in church activities even when they grow up.

Where can you get a spiritual kids church program

Here at KidTough, you can get an ideal kids church program suitable for children between 1st and 6th grade, with all materials for free. Spiritual men have prepared the program’s content. It will automatically have positive impacts on kids in your church.


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